Danish TYA theatres are still touring all over the World..!

This is evident from a newly finished research among the member theatres of ASSITEJ Denmark, counting the international activity of the companies in 2014/15:
28 of the theatres did a total of 82 tours abroad in 32 countries, and the 54 different shows were presented 643 times ..! 
The tours covered 6 continents, with a majority of shows in Europe (418 presentations in 21 countries), 124 presentations in Asia, 33 in Africa, 33 in Latin America, 21 in Australia and 14 in Northern America.
Very often (33 times) the companies have also given workshops and "after-talks" along with their guest plays, and 8 times companies have been co-producing with foreign companies.
It is several years ago ASSITEJ Denmark did a similar statistics - and we are happy to realize that Danish TYA is still a popular ingredience on the festivals out in the World...

 Statistics 2014/2015.




The latest statistics of the international tours of our member theatres (autumn 2008/spring 2009) shows that 26 theatres toured 70 times with 49 different productions - with a total of 371 performances!

Statistics 2008/2009


The statistics covering the season 2007-2008 show that 21 theatres toured with 44 different productions - with a total of 456 performances.

Statistics 2007/2008


During the period 1999-2007 more than 45 Danish theatre groups have toured to more than 45 countries with more than 2.400 performances!

Statistics 1999-2007